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FTZ School

Be trained by industry experts with extensive hands on experience in the implementation and day-to-day operations of foreign-trade zones.

FTZ Administration

Outsource your zone operator or grantee administrator activity including logistical support, required reporting, and inventory control reconciliation to our team of experienced professionals

FTZ, Customs and Trade Consulting

PTSI assists companies at various levels and with any aspect of their foreign-trade zone, customs and trade related projects

  • FTZ School
  • PTSI Managed Services
  • PTSI Consulting & Compliance
  • Compliance


    FTZ Inventory Systems Consulting

    Risk management and compliance activities are a critical aspect of any business. Efforts to ensure compliance with import and export laws will minimize interruptions in the movement of goods in and out of the country.

    The combined experience of PTSI's team totals more than 100 years in FTZ work and international trade, with 28 years combined experience in public FTZ grantee & operator positions

    A compliant and efficient FTZ inventory control and record keeping system is critical to the success of a zone project – but failure to account for the nuances unique to the FTZ framework can result in inefficiencies, increased production time, loss of revenue, and sizable fines & penalties.

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  • Supply Chain & Inventory Control

    The FTZ Advantage

    Learn how to move goods in and out of the facility on an expedited basis allowing for a seamless supply chain from vendor to customer without maintaining unnecessarily high levels of inventory, with no time limits on storage and the ability to commingle merchandise.

    Optimize savings, enhance security, trade compliance, and inventory control, streamline your global supply chain

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Mission Statement


To partner with companies conducting international trade through FTZ and other trade programs to deliver practical, innovative and enduring solutions with an intentional focus on compliance, streamlining processes, and maximizing savings opportunities.

FTZ Benefits

  • Reduce Costs (Taxes, Duties, Fees, Administrative Costs, Fines, etc.)
  • Improve Supply Chain Efficiencies
  • Improve Customs Compliance and Cargo Security Efforts
  • Obtain a level playing field with foreign competitors
  • Enhance viability of US operations
  • Reasonable ROI

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